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Mexican Icons


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I am a paper artist that focuses my work on Iconic Mexican

imagery creating a modern version of an ancient art form

called quilling. I use a technique of precisely cut paper strips

that are rolled then shaped and glued together into

three-dimensional fine art pieces.

Gail Marie Art


   The first thing people say to me after seeing my artwork is “Wow, how long did it take you to do this?” Each of my pieces can take anywhere from three months to a year to complete.  Each one highly detailed, compositionally planned and designed for color harmony.


   Because of the wonderful qualities of paper and its versatility, art paper continues to hold my fascination and drives my creative inspirations. Each piece of art has within it a million little decisions. For instance, where each element is to be placed, its shape, what it's next to, its color and how it relates to the other elements in the project. It becomes a very focused and meditative process for me.

     I  start by making a simple line drawing design on the computer. Enlarge the design, print it and transfer that design using either an embossing tool, or a light table back lighting the design. That design is transfer to a piece of watercolor paper, deckle all the edges of the paper and then mounted on a heavy gator board leaving a floating edge to the paper.  I paint the watercolor paper background to fit the overall design concept. Hand cut all paper strips to a precise width. Although I have some idea of how I want the design to end up looking, I don't predetermine every aspect of the design. Each decision is made as the art evolves. Its almost like the piece tells me how it wants to end up looking. I roll, cut, shape and bend each strip of paper and glue those to the watercolor paper. It ends up being a three-dimensional paper sculpture. 

All artwork is created using fade resistant papers, UV protected spray and UV protected museum quality anti-reflection glass and encased in a deep high quality wooden shadowbox frame.


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Gail Marie Barros
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Gainesville, Georgia 30507



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